ScalableVision, Inc. is a consulting firm serving the visual computing and perceptual computing  industries. Based in Los Altos, Caifornia, we are uniquely positioned in the inter-disciplinary areas of real-time computer graphics, computer vision, and web technologies. Since our founding in 2007, we have served a long list of clients ranging from startups to some of the largest technology companies in the U.S. Our code serves tens of millions of people on a daily basis. Please see Contact for further inquiries.


Areas of Expertise


  1. Visual Computing: software architecture and optimizations for GPU and software-based rendering and simulations. Our background in the graphics hardware industry, as well as the cross-platform middleware industry, provides us a deep understanding of technology components and how they work together. The software we designed and implemented has provided the platform for several dozens of published game titles on all major PC and console brands.
  2. Computer Vision/Perceptual Computing: We have done extensive R&D on gesture recognition and hand/body tracking, together with their applications in 3D modeling and art; we have also built video parsing and understanding systems for video sharing and broadcast. Our researchers are experienced in computer vision and statistical modeling algorithms.
  3. Fusion of visual computing and web technologies: we have helped customers prototype and productize web services and browser-based clients for presenting gigapixel imagery and geospatial data in a dynamic and slick manner. We are experienced in the modern web technology stack and work well with UX designers. We have also helped clients build hybrid native and browser-based applications that interact with a myriad of web services and database backends.
  4. Mobile Computing: We have worked on large, first-party native applications for phone and tablet platforms. Our expertise is mainly with Android and iOS, with a complete in-hourse software stack for web-centric and portable native development.
  5. Core Technology for Image Storage and Retrieval: ScalableVision has built and licensed to the commercial flight simulation industry an image compression technology (DeepCompact™) that brings a 6-fold improvement in runtime retrieval and storage efficiency. It dramatically improves handling of high-resolution satellite imagery and enables use of SSDs where large spinning disks were required.




  1. We offer flexible research and development capacity in fasting growing sectors of technology. Internet, new types of devices, rising computing power from CPUs and GPUs, and new advances in robotic vision create new opportunities when combined. ScalableVision has worked on fusion of technologies for many years.
  2. We provide fast prototyping. Our expertise plays well with the need of innovative companies such as startups, labs and forward-looking departments of large companies. We have helped such client to quickly bring ideas to a tangible form for validation and demonstration.
  3. We specialize in software architecture that helps to extract maximum performance out of diverse devices while maintaining proper abstraction for extensibility and portability.